Lamberts Leeds Update

We are currently on site with Priestley Construction on a project at Lamberts Yard. This is one of the original medieval Burgage plots running off Briggate in Leeds and contains an Elizabethan oak framed Jettied House which we are renovating.

The scheme provides 20 new apartments from the renovation of the existing buildings, plus A1 and A3 uses at ground floor fronting onto Briggate. Buildings in the Yard date from the 17 century to the 1930’s.

We have just had the initial dendrology report back from testing the Timbers in Lamberts House which indicate that the building frame was erected in 1659/60, prior to the fire of London. The large brick stack and brick range building to the side of Lamberts House were probably erected in 1670, with the brick structure being a direct result of changes to building and fire regulations following the great fire.

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